1976 plymouth fury blue

Cars by name Trucks and Jeeps. The development story of the Plymouth Fury was a tale of intrigue, revenge, and betrayal. The Fury also set a record: Joseph Vaillancourt's Plymouth Furydriven as a cab since the mids, reached 2, km over 1. Christinethe famous Plymouth Fury written about by Steven King, was able to not only fix itself, but also to take revenge upon those who hurt it. Introduced inand powered by a cubic inch V8, the Fury had sharply peaked tail fins and a Cadillac-like logo.

As expected the big Chrysler B blew everything else off the beach, including the stock models of the Chevrolet Corvette and Ford Thunderbird. It set a two way record of Then the driver, Mr. Phil Walters, took the Fury slowly down to the start of the timing lane. It was screaming over the sand so fast, that to look at it was almost like a distorted picture.

You couldn't quite focus fully on it. It was moving like the wind! With a resounding boom and a flash of gold, it was gone, the engine defiantly pounding out its deep belly staccato tune with bass notes better than any musical orchestra.

The timers acted like they were in slow motion. The fastest Plymouth ever built in history. And even faster than the B. Then the big Fury started back. It broke the timer at A defective fuel cap had caused a vacuum in the fuel tank and starved the engine for gas. On the return trip, it broke the lights at Under the hood was a Canadian-sourced cid V-8 pumping out an honest hp at rpm.

Reinforced dome pistons, a high-performance camshaft, high-load valve springs, balanced connecting rods, and high-speed distributor rounded out the engine package. Heavy-duty six leaves springs were fitted front and rear. Eleven-inch brakes at all four corners brought the car to a halt, and heavy-duty sway bars helped the big Plymouth track a straight line down the road.

The Fury sat 1 inch lower than its Belvedere stable mate, giving the car a leaner appearance. Forthe Forward Look arrivedand suddenly it was ! Inthe model year used in the movie Christinea V-8 not the GM version was available on the Fury, for the first and only year. Every Fury was beige and gold, as shown below, not the red shown in the movie Fury started out white and gold; in was light beige and gold; and in a darker beige and gold. Thanks, Vic Roberts.

A Motor Trend test showed the Plymouth Fury zipping to a 7. James C. Tessin Sport Fury with Golden Commando said it was the first year of the beefed up transmission, to handle the torque of high performance engines, and the last year of the They increased low-end torque, but reduced high end torque James C. The Fury moved to unit-body construction for greater rigidity and better cornering, essentially becoming a completely new car, but keeping its looks to avoid spooking buyers.


The original A-series and the were available not related to the later andalong with a and the brand-new slant sixproducing hp at rpm. The produced hp. The grille turned into a "frowning face," with rather unusual styling; and the fins dropped off completely, leading to a clean, futuristic rear.Make Plymouth.

Model Fury. On Jul at PDT, seller added the following information: some minor rust spots on driver side of car below side mirror and rear wheel well towards the bottom. Privately owned Low original miles New battery Electronic ignition Full size hub caps and beauty rings Additional set of snow tires included.

This particular car has fresh paint on the upper body panels, roof, trunk and hood. This is a very straight car, no rust issues and has a super clean interior. It runs great and should be seen and driven to be truly appreciated. Professional inspections are welcome and encouraged. The car is located here on Staten Island and can be shown at any time during the Ebay auction.

Please call Mike at to set up an appointment to check it out. Is original motor and transmission never changed engine no smoking, not noise, the engine sound strong, AC could, the car look nice, is all factory and untouched, never restored, never accident, factory paint, all glasses is perfect and clear, the interior is good, no crack in dash and is clean, the headliner is very good, the trunk is factory, is all there and look in beautiful condition.

It has all original. The car is located in Tampa, Fl Any question about the car, more pictures or see the car in person just send me your email and information. About the payment I preferred cash in person, second method by wire transfer. Deposit by Paypall. Thank you for looking. You will not be disappointment. The car is really nice and look very original and clean for the age.

Thank you again.

Plymouth Fury

I want Clean Florida title in hand. This past May I took it on a day trip that consisted of about miles. I am the second owner. The previous owner did have the upper part of the car painted due to the paint quality issues of the s. I had the headliner replaced because the old one was sagging.

I do apologize for not having more exterior photos, they are on the way. The car shows well and the paint is glossy.

This is a solid low-mileage car. The car is located in the Greentree area, just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. I work evening shift so I am available in the late morning and early afternoon during the week. I am available all day Friday and Saturday days off. I will try to answer them as best as I can. The car is sold AS-IS, where it is, with no warranty expressed nor implied. PayPal is N-O-T an acceptable form of payment.This particular vehicle was special-ordered by the Tulsa, OK police department and retains the cop motor.

According to AllPar. The interior of police vehicles can ran the gamut from hardly used to openly abused, but this Fury suffers from minimal destruction. Notice the lack of any protective barriers behind the driver — and the rear windows still have cranks! Seems like an escape waiting to happen, if you ask me. The condition of those items may be suspect, given the years upon years of abuse — or, this Oklahoma cop car may have been used merely to write parking tickets and take up space in the motor pool.

What do you think a good offer price would be — or is it fairly priced as-is? It absolutely blew my mind how well that big boat handled! I wonder how this Fury would handle? I worked for GM during those years as a tech. Those were really beefed up cars. I always enjoyed test driving them after a service call. I thought The Blues Brothers destroyed all of these cars. I bought a former VA State Police car once.

It was a 70 Fury I. Never had a problem with it but it really guzzled gas. My brother and I always joked that the holes in those Dodge hubcaps made the siren sound at speed. What do you say, is it the new Bluesmobile or what? Don't post your car for sale in the comments. Click here to get it featured on the homepage instead. Or subscribe without commenting. Barn Finds. Jeff Lavery.

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1976 plymouth fury blue

Dan h. I have a set of period Mars police lights that would finish this beast off! I want! Paul P.

Classic Plymouth Fury for Sale

Bob G.Jim S; he has a great eye, to say the least. The seller says that this car has been hidden in a pole building for 25 years and is now in Rockford, MN, about a half-hour west of Minneapolis. This Spitfire Orange car is in gorgeous condition, but that goes without saying.

Are you confused yet? This car has a mere 50, miles on it, or an average of 1, miles a year over the last 40 years.

The original would have had hp and this one obviously has much more than that. The one seen here is as beautifully-detailed as the rest of the car is, though; no question about it. Well, there it is, this car has a three-speed automatic instead of a manual.

The A66 Super Pak option package is here, too, with fender flares, spoilers, rear quarter-window louvers, and stripes. You are correct, Chebby, the was an option but it only had about hp. I had a base Volare wagon as my first, new, company-provided vehicle.

You shoulda been told. BTW the spare never had to be used. Aspens, Furys, etc. Used to carry a spare for getting home after curfew. Oh the memories….

1976 plymouth fury blue

Aspens and Volares had Self destructing Front fenders. The fender replacement worked out great for me. Dodge sent me a check for fenders months after mine was totaled. Dad had a slant 6 one as a company car- oddly had the same key as our Tradesman van — thing was unstoppable started at without being plugged in- but the front seat was some sort of indestructible vinyl that would glue itself to any bare skin.

Say Capt, you said to name one muscle car out of Detroit between 76 and 86? I also understand the 70s in general was a time for slowish cars, however, by the early 80s, there were a few pretty quick cars.

1976 plymouth fury blue

Even the new 82 Mustang GT had some new found jump due to many upgrades that year. If you want to talk outside of Detroit, the Porsche s and s, the new for 85 S 32 valve 4 cam V8 was a monster. They are really the ones that started the horsepower wars again with the new for 81 Datsun ZX Turbo.

Remember how fast those Turbo Datsuns were? That car outran every car built that year and with an automatic transmission!Cars by name Trucks and Jeeps. Any year is important to the history of the world, yet some years are more conspicuous than others. What do we recall from ? I turned 15 that year, and cars interested me more than anything else. My dream was designing cars, driving cars, owning cars. But living in a rural area in the south of the Netherlands before the Internet meant that information was hard to get, and that the places where things happened were far away.

It started when the salesman of the local Simca garage one day turned up with a gold metallic Cordoba with parchment velour interior and I was smitten: I had to have one. Much later, I obtained a Plymouth Fury Sportwhich I sold in and bought back again in Before buying back the Fury Sport, I briefly owned a dark brown Cordoba which turned out to be rather problematic.

A car radio was still often an option, and a single-speaker radio was the standard in cars, although mostly with FM in Europe. Luckier people had a stereo cassette player in their cars. We looked with awe at Americans cars with 8-track systems with four! Another important new face in the road was the Mercedes-Benz Wseries, which since has become legendary.

Chrysler Canada did well intoo, with more sales. Outside the US and Canada, there were mixed results, with slightly fewer sales and exports for Chrysler Australia.

Chrysler France did very well the new Simca was a success but Chrysler UK was still going through difficult times. On a glance, things looked rosy, but given recent losses and the need to retool, quality suffered, with less extensive corrosion treatments and lower quality chromium parts.

Cars were now judged on fuel consumption, and while Chrysler had not been able to create substantially more efficient cars, it did import small cars and rebadged existing models to claim that specific nameplates had become smaller and lighter.

The situation at Chrysler was bleak, but upper management spent huge sums of money on a new carline that was barely larger than the A series and barely smaller than the B series. Regis, and Plymouth Gran Fury. There was more bad news inincluding selling the historic AirTemp divisionthough this division had been losing money. Quality-orientated AirTemp, selling non-automotive air conditioning systems, had not found a way to cope with cheap, disposable competition.

Less upsetting was the sale of the Big Sky resort, which had opened in as a real estate investment. The company also sold the New Stanton, Pennsylvania, plant. In the late sixties, there had been plans to build new Plymouth and Dodge cars on acres around the existing factory.

But instead, the plant was sold to Volkswagen, made Rabbits there inclosing the plant in Init controlled ignition timing; byit would also control the carburetor. Chrysler quickly improved the system, year to year, but it was likely pushed out too quickly, and many customers had problems with it.

Technician training may have also been an issue. However, nowhere in the press texts nor catalogues do I see any reference to rust prevention or improved building quality.

A big improvement here for was that the shoulder belts were finally made usable on most cars. Inthe old two-belt two-latch system had been replaced by the single-belt single-latch system; now the belts were easier to put on without having them lock up. Because D had been taken years ago by the largest Chrysler cars and Imperials, and E had been taken by the Barracuda and Challenger.

Confusing matters somewhat, in addition to the single letter body codes, the factory designation used in the VIN codes and factory repair manuals was completely unrelated to the body codes:. There were also numerous Dodge D-series trucks and cargo vans.

Classic Plymouth Fury III for Sale

In line with its dire situation, Chrysler had a serious look at this model line and fewer versions with rearranged names went into the new model year. The big and sad news for was that the prestigious Imperial brand had now disappeared.The Plymouth Fury is a model of automobile which was produced by Plymouth from to It was introduced for the model year as a sub-series of the Plymouth Belvederebecoming a separate series one level above the contemporary Belvedere for The Fury was a full-size car from tothen a mid-size car from toagain a full-size car from toand again a mid-size car from to From to the Fury was sold alongside the full-size Plymouth Gran Fury.

Inthe B-body Fury was the largest Plymouth, and bythere was no large Plymouth. The last Plymouth rolled off the Belvedere assembly line in The word "fury" denotes a type of angerinspired by the Furiesmythological creatures in Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman mythology.

The car is recognizable as the title subject of the best-selling novel Christine by Stephen King. Later in the same year it was adapted into a movie. The Fury was a sub-series of the Plymouth Belvedere from through It was sold only as a sandstone white two-door hardtop with gold anodized aluminum trim, in and In it was only available in buckskin beige with gold anodized aluminum trim. These Furys had special interiors, bumper wing-guards and V8 engines with twin four-barrel carburetors.

The models were restyled; longer, wider, with very large vertical tailfins and a new torsion bar front suspension replacing the previous coil springs. While the new styling boosted sales, quality control suffered for all Chrysler products as they were brought quickly to market before their design and construction weaknesses could be fully addressed by engineering. InPlymouth introduced the Sport Fury as its top model, and the Fury as its second from the top model to replace the Plymouth Belvedere at the top of the Plymouth line-up.

The Fury range was now available as a four-door sedan and station wagonas well as a two-door hardtop and sedan. The Sport Fury series had only a two-door hardtop and convertible.

The Sport Fury was dropped at the end ofbut was reintroduced in mid and discontinued in The dual four-barrel version of the was also dropped that year, with the four-barrel available on this engine through the model year. The Dodge Viscount was an automobile built by Chrysler Canada for the model year only.

It was based on the contemporary Plymouth Fury, but featured a Dodge front clip assembled to the Plymouth Fury body. However, there was no sport model counterpart to the Sport Fury sold in the U.

Nineteen-sixty was the first year for unibody construction, [3] the first year for Chrysler's ram induction system, and the first year for Chrysler's new slant-six engine. The original and were available, along with a The Fury remained Plymouth's leading sales volume model through the early s.

Tailfins were removed for The Fury emerged as a downsized model riding on the new Chrysler B-body unibody platformthe product of a Chrysler Corporation embroiled in multiple corporate controversies at the time.Against the car it shared a skeleton with, bearing the name of the most famous supercar maker of all time, how could it be? Yet the Versione Corse and the MC12 are relevant now, more than ever, ahead […]. Through more than 40 years of production, the Volkswagen Golf hatchback family tree has branched in numerous ways, Volkswagen of America notes in a news release, pointing to everything from the Volkswagen Pickup to the GTI and the R.

This video from HotRod. The Germans are known for their engineering prowess. InI watched in amazement as the Joest racing team changed the entire rear, including the motor and transaxle, on two of its R8 LMP cars at Le Mans in under 5 minutes — like it was playing with Legos and a cherry picker.

The team […]. Call it fate, irony, or even the Hand of God, but in I had planned to drive as close to Hudson Bay as was possible. Dad, now 88 and his health in decline, […].

Of all people to stop by the Big Garage in the Sky, the other day the pioneers of the automobile industry were visited by a former public health commissioner for New York City. Classic Plymouth Fury for Sale.

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1976 plymouth fury blue

For your consideration is this very rare Fury with a Wedge and a 4 speed. A Comp Fondly know No doubts. Verified by experts, listed in Darell Davis' book by For the Plymouth Fury was one of the most futuristic appearing cars ever produced. With sweepi This Plymouth Fury runs and drives great with its V8 engine and automatic transmission. Full s Contact Seller. One of the reasons why we love Mopars so much is because they have lower production numbers than Fo This is one of the most icon Refine Search.

Not pink. Not orange. Not even salmon. But it is a Plymouth Sport Fury convertible.


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