Goong princess hours korean drama episode 8 eng sub

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Error: code:. Select Episode. The Phoenix Rises Episode Maybe I Should Go Episode Let Me Protect You Episode The Green-Eyed Monster Episode Episode More Scandals Episode Anger Eruption Episode Relieved Yet Worried Episode Damage Control Episode A Prince, Again Episode The Jealous Princess Episode The Demands Episode Getting Overwhelmed Episode 9.

Official Duties Episode 8. Episode 7. Back To Reality Episode 4. The Grand Wedding Episode 3. An Arranged Marriage Episode 1. Watching progress. Cancel OK. This Episode Synopsis.Goong is a story about young love in face of tradition, politics, and intrigue. In the imaginary world, modern-day Korea is a constitutional monarchy and the Royal Family lives in a grand Palace, the Goong. Story opens with the sudden death of the reigning the King. Faced with the decreasing popularity among the public for the Royalty, a grand wedding for the Crown Prince, Lee Shin, is decided to be the best publicity move to improve the image of the Royalty and at the same time prepare Shin for immediate succession.

The intended bride? The headstrong, awkward, and sweet spirited Shin Chae Kyung that just happens to go to the same exclusive art school.

Princess Hours

After 14 years of living in England with his mom, Lee Yul appears all of a sudden. Will love prevail all in a world of political pressures and martial hardships?

Or will being in the spotlight of the public be too much for the young newlyweds to endure? Official Site. Watch Online in Dramafever. Aja Aja Fighting!!!! N also the OST!!! Too long, blur, too boring!!!!!!! Nwei, keep up the gud work ppl!!!! I hope not… Anyway this series is so great i cant wait for the second season to be exported here in the philippines… Season 2 would be released march ….

This drama is really good. They mix in that subtle humor with the seriousness of the drama. Not that there was much of a difference, but her character suited her. Overall, I give this drama 8 out of And like everyone else, I hope Goong 2 will keep the original cast. Looking forward to watching it! I think everybody, including myself, loves Goong 1. I found this show was very boring. I read the manga long before knowing that it would be adapted into a television show, and so when I did find out it was going to be made into a drama I was excited.

So slow in fact, that it made the drama dull and nothing special. This film was so great i really enjoyed watching it.Feisty, bubbly, and no-nonsense, Chae Gyeong is an ordinary high school student. Until one day when she receives some unexpected news. Because of her grandfather's will, she must marry the unendurable Crown Prince Lee Shin who also happens to attend her high school. Chae Gyeong initially resists the proposal before reluctantly agreeing to marry him to help her debt-ridden family.

As she struggles to adapt herself to royal life, learning proper manners and taking on the duties of palace life while dealing with a disagreeable husband, the Crown Prince's sentimental cousin and second-in-line to the throne, Yul, steps into her life.

She feels like she can rely on Yul for help and guidance but still finds it difficult not to worry about her haughty, cold-hearted husband. To help bridge this gap, the senior members of the royal family take some special measures to get them to spend the night together. Edit Translation. MDL v6 en. TV Shows. Feeds Lists Forums Contributors. Edit this Page Edit Information. Watch Trailer. Buy on Amazon. Add to List. Ratings: 7.

Related Content Goong S Korean remake. Goong 1. Princess Hours Thai remake. Add Cast. View all Write Review. Other reviews by this user 2. Jun 9, 24 of 24 episodes seen. Completed 2. Overall 9.

goong princess hours korean drama episode 8 eng sub

Story 9. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Cancel.We're rolling out a new feature, which we're calling the "If You Like I wouldn't hold my breath, but don't let that stop you from hoping.

Where lightning strikes once, there will always be producers camping out wanting it to strike again, it Tags: adaptationsGoong. Podcast 6 is here! Tags: GoongmusicalsU-Know Yunho. Four years after it was a drama sensation, Goong aka Princess Hours is being turned into a musical.

goong princess hours korean drama episode 8 eng sub

That means that the franchise has a manhwa, a drama, a drama Tags: Goongmusicals. Since I've had a lot of requests for drama recommendations following You're Beautiful, I thought I'd put this up as its own post. I may be spotty with some of I got some requests, so I like seeing how other people translate, for a few reasons.

For one, it helps me improve my own translations, seeing how others express a phrase, plus I'm curious at Eighteen Again: Episode 6. Tale of the Nine Tailed: Episode 1. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Oct. Record of Youth: Episode Coffee with an emotional support animal. Team Dramabeans: What we're watching. Open Thread Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. A verification email has been sent to your new email address.

Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Tag: Goong.

goong princess hours korean drama episode 8 eng sub

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예측불허 황실입궁기 [궁] Princess Hours 채경와 율의 다정한 모습에 분노가 극에 달한 신

Edit this Page Edit Information. Goong Episode 1 9. In the 14th year of Inhwa dynasty when the Hyun emperor's illness gets worse than ever, the empress commands the Crown Prince, still in high school, to marry the bride who has been… read more. Goong Episode 2 9.

goong princess hours korean drama episode 8 eng sub

Chae Kyung has no choice but to marry the prince due to her family's financial crisis. Yul, the son of Prince Hyo Yul who died in an unfortunate car crash 14 years ago, hurries back… read more. Goong Episode 3 9.The Empress Myung Se Bin is in her early 30s, but she is still not married. Since, the 1st successor to the throne died, the royal family is in search for a new successor. Incidentally, they come to know of a young man who was in fact a son of the prince to a woman who left the Palace for her to be able to keep her pregnancy a secret.

Lee Hoo worked as a delivery boy at a Chinese restaurant, and was known for his 7-minute maximum delivery time. Lee Hoo had been brought up as more of a punk than a prince so his habits and his way of conversing were very different from the people of royal blood. Although he had never dreamt of living in the Palace, he one day finds himself immersing himself in its grandeur and improving himself to prove that he indeed deserves to be called the Successor to the throne.

He soon finds out that not only will he be facing lessons to the path of royalty, and dilemmas of love and of stature, but he will also learn to compete for the position he had been, first and foremostly, called for. Watch Online in Dramafever.

Princess Hours

I watched Princess hours last time. Now got Princess Hours 2 when will it be on air in Singapore? I curious how difference story created it is. Hence I never see Se7en acting before. I want to watch him! I love se7en. He;s so cute. Can;t wait for this series. Give him a break. I waiting this film so long. And Lee Hoo really…. Goong S!!!! I have already watched until eps 12 and I think that the story line of Goong S Prince Hour is not as good as Goong Princess Hourbut I can see that all the lead casts have put in their best effort.

Costumes and props setting are as good as Goong. Overall, I still enjoy watching it. Heo yi jae is so………. For my opinion, i like goong s more than goong as seven is excellent with his acting and the soryline is more funny than goong. Hope to see both Heo yi jae and Seven in future dramas or movies. Thump up and all the best to all the casts in goong s. For goong I think the comic is much better then the TV series. Viewers said that Goong S is so boring and this can be proven by its rating. It tooks me a lot of courage to actually download EP1 of Goong S which actually took 2 hours.

Later I watch it…. EP Se7en is so talented. Keep it up!! Will fast forward whenever she is in the scene. Sorry to say if I hurt fans who like her.The show was the tenth most popular drama ofwith a peak rating of It also became a hit across Asia, contributing to the Korean Wave. Due to its success, a spin-off series, Prince Hourswas broadcast in The show is set in an alternate, 21st-century Korea which has retained its monarchy and imperial family since The series starts off with the news that Shin's father, Emperor Lee Hyeon of Korea, is seriously ill.

There is a grim outlook on the Emperor's health, driving the imperial family to find Shin a suitable consort that will allow him to ascend to the throne if the situation requires. Despite being in love with the ambitious and talented ballerina Hyo-rin whom he initially proposed to and was rejectedPrince Shin eventually marries a commoner to whom he was betrothed by his grandfather, the late Emperor Seongjo, in an agreement with the girl's grandfather.

His new wife is the headstrong yet lovable Chae-kyeong, and despite initially feeling nothing for each other, love eventually blossoms between the couple. Matters are further complicated with the return of Lee Yul and his mother, Lady Hwa-young, who was once Crown Princess before the death of her husband, the late Crown Prince Lee Soo, and older brother of the reigning Emperor. Yul and his mother were driven out of the palace some time after the death of his father, and it is revealed that this was because the Emperor discovered an affair between Lady Hwa-young and the current Emperor, who is his father's younger brother.

Lady Hwa-young has returned to restore her son's place in the line of succession to the throne, which she believes remains rightfully his. A series of events befalls the palace with the schemes Yul's mother carries out, and these are further intensified by the various scandals involving the imperial family. Shin maintains an extramarital affair with his old flame, Hyo-rin, while Yul himself developing feelings for Chae-kyeong.

Things get out of hand and the imperial family takes matters into their own hands. A spin-off series, Goong S or Prince Hoursrevolves around a young worker at a Chinese restaurant who suddenly discovers that he is a member of the imperial family and subsequently enters the palace. Hwang mentioned that he would be looking for Shin Chae-kyeong's male counterpart, of sorts. This spinoff has no relation to the first season, and had a new cast and plot.

In OctoberKorean pop star Se7en was chosen to play the leading role in the spinoff. He will play the character of "Yi Hoo". Many of the supporting cast, who played minor characters, reprised their roles. Filming started in November Filming continued despite Group 8 facing lawsuits due to the unlawful use of Goong in the title. Goong S was broadcast from January 10 to March 15,to moderate success.


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